Detroit's Video Blogger and Broadcast Media Professional

Bio: Video Blogger, Writer, TV/Radio Personality, and founder of #Rockyroadproductionsllc #Porch Talk. I am the overall Broadcast Media Professional. Writing is a passion of mine, of which I utilize to express deep thought and emotion, capturing the mind of the reader, challenging their narrative. Currently, I am a co host on the #BillyTDetroit radio show, and former co host for Real Talk After Dark #RTAD. I have been featured as the face of R&L Printing Company's commercial, and have made a guest appearance on the Dr. Nandi Show, also known as #AskDrNandi. In August of 2017, I became known as the former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's pen pal. My attempt to clear his tarnished name sparked vicious suspicion of scandal, landing me interviews with Channel 7 WXYZ, and the Frank Beckman Show, News Talk 760 WJR. My educational background in Broadcast Media arts was acquired from Specs Howard, graduating in 2013. My bachelors degree in Mass Communication Public Relations, I obtained from Rochester College (2015), graduating Magna Cum Laude. You can never be good for anyone if you are not walking in your purpose. Without purpose you are only walking around as an empty shell... holding a soul in limbo full of sorrow. Eventually the sorrow will become like a cancer eroding away at everyone around you... only to eventually bring you to your own destruction. ~Racquel Shelby #rockyroadproductionsllc I choose life and the best kind of freedom it has to offer... by walking in my purpose. For bookings and info email rockyroadproductionsllc@gmail.com

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