Being Human

Even the strongest of us all have our weak points. Hell… we have our weaknesses. Many people do not want to acknowledge where they fall weak at. I know I hate to cry. What will crying solve? It’s just an emotion that leaves your face wet…your eyes red… and when your done the issue is still as big as an elephant in the room. I have almost went into a panic attack… all because I couldn’t prevent the tears from falling. Here I am… angry about the flood of emotion that has taken over me…flowing through my eyes as which is nothing more than a warm small waterfall of sorrow.

How about when you feel suffocated? How about when the walls begin to close in on you so fierce that the arms of Samson couldn’t hold them open? It happens. Even Sampson was defeated with something as simple as a snip of his hair.

Sometimes it’s the small things that defeat the strongest of humanity…like the rock that took down Goliath…or the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Have you ever felt symbolicly like you were so tiny in a room full of loud people…jumping up and down with your hand raised…but no one seems to notice you? I have been there.

I have felt like I was being held hostage in my own body….that is suppose to be my temple. Everyone else disregarding this temple as if it is a disposable cardboard box…just as long as their needs are met.

My point is… we are all human. No one is made of Teflon. We are just a ball of 5 senses we have to learn to navigate…. utilize sensibly to make it through… and pray the creator sends us people that care enough to support us through it.

You are not alone.

I have been there.

Hell… we all have!

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