The Criminal Justice System vs. the Black Man

The Black woman is one of the last to get married.  Many of our homes (the black household) are missing fathers… a male presence that is much needed for balance and productivity for the livelihood of our communities.

A large percentage of our men are incarcerated… or held bound to the criminal justice system. It is no secret that the law is harder on the black male in comparison to men of other races. Because of this… I decided to do a series so that stories can be heard of men that deal with such issues. In some cases… run ins with the laws ruin the lives of these men… causing them to be repeat offenders… as a result of being bound to their criminal record. They end up having to break the law to survive…which lands them into further run ins with the law. I encourage you to watch the videos below to witness stories of black men who are living this nightmare.

Part 1 of each story told is posted. The videos should prompt you to part 2 of their stories and the link is in the information section as well.


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