I am Broadcast Media

Radio, TV, and Writing is something that I love to do.  It is something that I would do for free. Hell… right now I am doing it for free. Broadcast media is me. You can’t separate us. Broadcast media is like my second marriage and we will never go our separate ways. It is all I think about. I grow tired trying to perfect my craft. Every second of the day I am thinking about the next video, or the next piece of writing that I can contribute to society. There isn’t a day of rest for me.

Let’s not forget! I am a married woman… mother of three…I work part time… have my own show Porch Talk…and I am a part of two other radio/tv families. You can imagine how exhausted I am… but living your dream comes with a price. You can dream it up all day… but without putting forth work…sacrifice…and energy behind it… a dream it will remain.

Believe me… I am tired all of the time. The thing is… I can’t stop. Even my husband asked me today… “is there any down time? Can you just be in the moment…here with your family?” This isn’t the first time he has asked me that question. To be honest and fair… if the shoe was on the other foot… I would probably be asking him the same.

It is hard for people to see and understand your vision. The time… the hard…work that it takes… even the time you sacrifice personally from yourself…let alone others. Even though I know that my head could be in the present…it is always in the future. Some day all of my sacrifice will bear fruit… enough fruit to fill a field fit for a farmer. My thoughts are… what else would I be doing? Time is going to pass by me whether I work hard and prepare… or not. Everyone will see very soon.

There are people who will watch you from afar. I know people have their condescending comments… wish for my failure…and some just lack understanding. To them I bet I appear delusional. I am sure… to them…. I look like I am just going through the motions. People label anything they can’t grab the concept of crazy. I will be that and more …to be happy. While they are sitting on the sidelines pondering what the hell I am doing… and why I am doing it… I am making moves.

While remaining humble… I say this with all sincerity… see you all at the top. Even at the top… I promise to never look down…putting myself on a pedestal. Many do this… but I am going to make it my mission not to. That is one expedited trip to destruction. Behind knocked off of a high horse is a long and painful way down.

When you arrive to your destination…everyone begins to shut up…or just spew more negativity. I do this for me and soon the world will see. Whether they understand it or not it doesn’t matter either way. It has already been done.. it is here…it is happening. I am living my dream. I am in the presence of excellence.

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