Kanye defends Trump and Candace Owens. Our Prejudices, Fears, and Racism. Let’s Talk!

Let me be clear. Politics is not my thing. I am more of a common sense… feeling the energy….watching the signs of life kind of person. That has worked for me thus far up until almost 33 years of life. When it begins to fail me…. I will evolve.

I am expressing my thoughts and feelings…not for approval but to throw out a viewpoint that would insight conversation and thought. I do not pretend to be a scholar…but everyone has something to offer society. Aside from joking around …and trying not to let the difficulties of life snuff me out… I try to contribute what I can.

Sometimes giving outsiders a looking glass into your mind can make just enough of a difference.

Before I get started… I want to say… I think it is ok to admit that you do not know… or understand everything. We are on this planet to do nothing more but to learn… evolve… and help one another. I have noticed in my observation…in my lifetime thus far…. the categories for what is not understood have been narrowed down to the devil or mental illness.

Some people do have mental struggles… but on the other hand…. some things are not conceivable for some people. The reason for this… I surmise is…  it is not meant for you to… because it is not beneficial to your life path to know…. Or it is simply not your struggle.

To clarify… We all came here with our own paths and struggles. You won’t understand mine and I may not understand yours. It is an individual walk. The problem arises when we dismiss and belittle others…placing ourselves on a high horse.

We all can do better. I can too. I am not above talking smack. However… I am genuine and wish people the best.

Where we often go wrong is arguing with someone about their life experiences and their struggles.

I am no activist. I am not trying to insight the rise of the new generation of black panthers. I am no LGBT advocate. I love my friends and some of them are gay. I am protective of all my friends and will go hard for them. I believe in a creator. My beliefs may not be your beliefs. I won’t force mine on you and I ask for your respect by granting me the same courtesy.

What I am is a lover of positive people… a selective but socially inclined person… who tries to practice tolerance…tries to gain understanding… who wants everyone to be happy and loved. I understand when to hold my peace when I am in danger of veering out of my lane.

I get bothered when people argue about the struggle of racism and the sexual preferences of others.

For those who like to group all sexual preferences together that opposes heterosexuality … Let me be clear. I do not agree with pedophilia… rape or molestation. To take it a step further… I do not agree with murder… or any act that is a threat to a persons safety…livelihood or mental status. Outside of that… If you love someone who loves you back…I am happy for you.


Now moving forward…

I want to address Kanye defending Candace Owen’s and Kanye and this Trump ordeal.

After listening to a bit of Candace Owen’s interview “Candace Owens on Her Journey From Left to Right”… I can tell you that she seems to be of sound mind and very sharp.  I got a better understanding of her thought process. For this reason… I can see Kanye defending her.

I do not totally agree with what Candace said while addressing the “Black Lives Matter” audience at UCLA. (clip of video below) 

I get what she is trying to say…but her delivery was a bit off. You can’t smack someone in the face and demand they listen to you. That is how I took her delivery. Yes we do need to move forward… but you can’t be dismissive to a past that still affects our African American people by basically saying get over it… whether they lived it or not. It isn’t what she was trying to say… it is how she said it.

Now Kanye…

Him calling Trump his brother… and his brief “pro Trump” twitter campaign…. is something I don’t get. I do believe Kanye is entitled to his opinion. I do not know whether he is on or off his meds…or having a breakdown. However… I can say… I am no fan of Trump.

As much as I understand how much influence celebrities have on the lives of the masses… I believe it isn’t their job to be an influence on your intellect…how you exercise it…or even think for you. They shouldn’t be your role models… other than being motivation to become organized…get out or remain out of poverty… and to thrive. Basically they should motivate you to get your own influence and power in whatever your lane is. They should not be who you model your life after.
To me associating myself as a Democrat or Republican are labels that place me in a box. You have to be careful with committing to certain labels/ categories. You might find yourself stuck. When in fact… life and information is always evolving. I think as people we should be concentrating on being more spiritually sound… growing and exercising our discernment. That should be your guide. Your instincts and conscious is your internal compass or GPS… as you will.

Now to address Racism.

This is the what I have been getting to.

Racism…prejudices…what are these fears based on?
Question… what reason do you have to be in fear of other races…or a particular race?
Is it just that the fear is based off being fed propaganda…or is it experience based?

Have you ever had an issue with a person…or perceived them a certain way and it changed after you got to know them?
If so… would it be safe to say that your assumptions were based off ignorance?

Have you ever noticed how once you get to know a person…your judgement begins to fade? If they are pleasant… They become not so ugly…or not so strange… Basically your preconceived notions begin to dissipate.

That is what love will do. This is what the saying “love sees no fault” means. I don’t think that saying is applicable to love making you blind to the man… or woman cheating on you… or whipping your ass. That is a different condition.

What we lack in this world (as many of you know) is love and the willingness to understand. Through the willingness to gain understanding… love will evolve. We must get tired of confusion and isolation.  We must embrace inclusion.

As you know… we are far more powerful together. We let something as simple as our differences and what we don’t understand… keep us from working together and moving forward.

Does it make sense to avoid a person because of what religion they believe in… who and what they are doing in their bedroom… (their activity being harmless to others. Not to mention it not taking  place under your roof)… or what their skin color is…who has a degree…or who doesn’t?

No one is saying you have to live with these people… or become lifetime buddies. If there was a lottery size monetary prize attached to embracing all of these differences to get organized… and form a plan that would be executed to move forward… would you? If your life depended on it… would you?

We all have become like toddlers fighting over toys and getting nowhere. When you think about it like this…what have we been doing… and why have we been doing it?

The only way for us to heal as a nation is with honesty. We must begin to bare our fears and address our prejudices. Something as simple as having a sit down with a person that fits the profile of your fear and prejudice…. talk to them and ask them questions could be the first step to repair.

Let’s talk about the steps toward changing these preconceived deceptions. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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3 thoughts on “Kanye defends Trump and Candace Owens. Our Prejudices, Fears, and Racism. Let’s Talk!

  1. Racquel, this article was amazing! You are so articulate and leave readers contemplating the thoughts you have expressed in your writings. Keep up the grat work!

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