Babe It Is Your Birthday!!!

Byron it is your birthday. May 2, 1981 was the day the world gave me a mate… a life partner. Of course… I hadn’t made it to this planet we call Earth yet… and wouldn’t for four years and two months later.

You grew up in a different reality than I did. Your reality made you seasoned…wise…patient…slow to anger… and tolerant. It made you a survivor. Your life experiences made you who you needed to be. Not only did they make you ready for the world ahead… its trials… tribulations… errors… cruelty…love… pain…justices… and injustices… they made you a warrior. Your not just any warrior. You are my warrior… my kids warrior and protector.

You stepped up into a position to father and parent a child for another who was incapable.

Why is he incapable? Maybe it is hurt/ pain… maybe it is just as simple as unwillingness and selfishness. Whatever the reason… the outcome is the same. He is incapable. The point is you are willing. You are present. You are here every day.

Yes… we have walked this road together for 11 plus years hand in hand. The gap between us seems to have closed tighter with every experience and form of opposition. We said I do.. we have did…. done… and will continue to do.

I want you to know I love you. My goal is to continue to grow to be what you need. I want to give you what the world didn’t. Fill all the wholes others couldn’t. Give you the love the another wouldn’t.

We have made a beautiful family and live a beautiful life. We have laughed many of days and have cried too. Together we have what many want.

Sentimental is something I am not. For whatever reason you bring that out of me. You bring out the best of me period. That is why I cannot and never will throw in the towel. There would be no justification to do so.

You have never wronged me and have been here. You want the best for me and how can I not be grateful for that. You are a gift. How can I ever top a gift greater than you? You can’t give a greater gift to the greatest gift. You are a gift to yourself… the world… and to your family.

I know you say you don’t care about birthday’s. It is just another day. I get it!

I don’t care what you or anyone else says. Everyone wants to know and feel that they are loved and appreciated. Everyone wants to know that they have a greater meaning to life than waking up everyday and going through the motions of life.

For that reason my handsome ebony chocolate love…

You are loved…

You are appreciated….

You are valued…

You are my King….

You are my breath of fresh air…

You make me weak to my knees.

Without you there is no me.

Thank you for everything you are and continue to be.

Thank you for loving me.

But….after all this is said…..

It’s your MF birthday and you better enjoy it!!


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