Ariel Powers goes missing following an argument with her mother

Racquel Shelby, Rockyroadproductionsllc 12:48 p.m. ET May 20,2018

This story (which can be read via the link provided below)… doesn’t give the reader much info. It lets you know that this 10 year old child…by the name of Ariel Powers… has not been seen by her mother since 11pm Saturday night.  Her disappearance took place following an argument that was had between the two. The young girl supposedly leaves a letter behind stating that she wanted to harm herself.

With minimal information given… it leaves the reader to come to their own conclusions and assumptions. I know I have questions myself like:

What were Ariel and her mother arguing about?

Why does she want to hurt herself?

What made her so mad that she became bold enough… feeling grown enough… to leave her home to roam the streets of Detroit…with unknown dangers that could be… and plausibly exist.

To be clear…

I am not going to assume her mother is abusive….or overbearing.  At 10 years of age she was able to escape her home without her mother noticing.

However… I am not assuming her mother is negligent either.

Of course the details matter. It is hard to see the whole picture when pieces of the puzzle are missing.

There is a question / elephant in the room that is forced to the forefront with stories such as this and many others (at least it is for me).

That question is….(and I pose this with having personal family experience related closely to this matter) what is going on with our kids that their solution to the difficulties of life is to harm themselves?

It is a possibility… (given I do not know the intricate details of what is going on) Ariel’s life could have taken a few pages out of a horror story. It is also plausible that this young lady could lack the proper coping skills.

Here is what I do know…

There are many people that you look at every day… (some I know personally) that have been through so much… you wonder how they are able to function through life. They may have thought about how life would be without them in it…but they weren’t leaving notes behind.

Basically… there may have been thoughts…but they were void of actions and follow through.

We all have a life path that we must complete…learn from…and elevate through so that we can move on to the next level. As my other mother would say “it’s just your part of the grief”.

This isn’t to diminish anyones feelings or hardships… but it is to make clear that we need some solutions. Our children need better coping skills. The future of this planet will not fair well with a bunch of children who are not able to pull through the hard times. Their only go to solutions can not be drugs or suicide.

Things have gotten so bad that there is a hit series on Netflix entitled “13 Reasons Why”. I watched it myself and it was good. The second season of the show just became available recently.

After I finished the first season  I have to be honest and say… (In my opinion) that situation was totally avoidable.  The reality is… shows like that exist because this is our reality today. Kids are suffering and they want out of the game. They must perceive life as the Matrix . You have an option to unplug from it at will when the game gets a virus… or to a level that is hard to defeat.

Yes! Generations before us have suffered worse and push through. The unpleasant truth is… many of them self medicate. Options chosen like… opioids (prescription drugs)… alcohol… and many forms of street drugs tuck many in their beds at night. This is still a problem.

As a parent myself… I make sure that I give my kids encouragement. Speaking life into your kids is important. I let them know that they are smart and they will change the world one day. I am not perfect…but I try hard to make sure I create a environment to where my kids feel safe and confident.

The truth is… I don’t have the answer. Aside from what I just stated above that I do with my own kids. I don’t even know where to place a foot in the right direction to fix this national and possibly global issue.

What I do know is… together we can come up with a solution. Together we can and will provoke and eventually institute change. It all begins with concern and conversation…which will steam roll into action.

Do me and all of us a favor. Go hug your kids! Tell them that they are beautiful…handsome… and intelligent! Let them know that you know… they are the change that this world needs and will receive!

My prayers and well wishes are with the mom of Ariel.

Together we will mend many hearts and triumph over many tribulations.

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