Is your mindset enslaved?

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Kermit and I address whether your mindset is enslaved. Many people in the African American Community are walking around with their minds in chains and don’t even realize it.
Kermit and I address the hatred amongst ourselves in the black community.
The judgement… lack of love…and acceptance.
We address our viewpoints in regards to how we view ourselves …how we feel we should look… and how we should operate in society.
We address all of this and more.
We ask that you share this video. The more we open our minds and gain understanding…the closer we are to freedom.
Make sure that you leave your thoughts in the comment section below in a respectful manner.
Any bigotry or hatred in the comment section will be reported and blocked. There are ways to express yourself in a respectful and mature manner. (You have been warned!)
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