A Documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick

For those who are interested in the truth, I felt it was necessary to share this documentary with you. Often times we are mislead by the media. Mainstream media tells the public what they want them to know. They tend to paint a picture to support a narrative that most of the time misleads the masses. The Former Mayor of Detroit received 28 years in federal prison without substantial evidence. That is a life sentence for murder, plus three years. Is media orchestrated public outrage accompanied with the lack of evidence worth 28 years? I encourage you to watch this documentary and share it with your family and friends. If you are interested in getting a inside look… this is for you.

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A Documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit Media Specialists / LUV2FLO Entertainment

Directors & Producers
Directors & Producers of the film, Timothy Smith & Tobias Smith are a father and son film making duo who believes in putting the “mission before the money.” In 2011, they began filmming kMk a documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick upon Kwame’s release from a Michigan state prison. They believe the film is a one of a kind historical account of the most polarizing political figure of his time. detroit

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We ask that all supporters of Kwame Kilpatrick that own a twitter account to please tweet President Donald Trump requesting that he pardon Mr. Kilpatrick. This is something that many of Kwame’s supporters have been doing. We appreciate all genuine support given.

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