Kermit Get’s a Job… But He Better Answer That Phone Pt. 1

Introducing a new Character… Kermit. Kermit is in the process of getting a job, but while he is there, his mother (MzFefe DaPlug) calls his phone to ask him about irrelevant items.

This phone call is embarrassing to Kermit and ultimately irritates him.

Stay Tuned for Part 2


Mom: MzFefe DaPlug

Son: Kermit

MzFefe DaPlug: Producer/ Director:

Rockyroadproductionsllc: Assistant Producer / Assistant Director/ Video & Editing
MzFefe Da Plug Social Media:




Kermit’s social media:



Rockyroadproductionsllc Social Media:

Twitter: Porch Talk

Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc (Porch Talk)


Writer blog:


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