Ariana’s Skirt and Bishop Charles’s Hands

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Marco returns to discuss with Kermit and I the criticism behind the skirt, or dress Ariana Grande wore during her performance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

The funeral took place at Greater Grace Temple Friday the 31st in Detroit Michigan. Bishop Charles H Ellis is the pastor.

Following the opinions of all of us, I solely give my thoughts on Bishop Ellis in regards to the perceived public opinion that he is a creep, and groped Ariana before the world on his pulpit.

None of our opinions are to be taken as fact, only as perceptions. It is impossible to know what is in the minds of others. Maybe Bishop had ill intent, but I don’t think he did. Regardless, I am sure he learned what not to do following this broadcasted scandal.

Please feel free to respectfully comment below. Know that all opinions matter despite race, social class, or sexual preference.

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