Messy interview attempts to trash Cardi B.

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… MzFefe DaPlug and I discuss the UnwinewithTashaK interview and her guest Star Marie. This Star Marie Claims she use to live with Cardi B, while telling some info that is pretty embarrassing. This divulging of information also seemed pretty malicious. Although I do not blame Tasha K for having the girl on, my question is why didn’t she challenge her more instead of coaching her, and acting as if they were friends.

The allegations that this young woman put out here are unnecessary. She seems like she is trying to gain some wind, while disguising it as understanding where Nicki Minaj is coming from.

Us as women need to do better. It is one thing to speak facts that were directly related to a situation that affected you. It is another thing to attack another persons image.

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